Thursday, June 5, 2014

Very Proud Of My Son Jon

Jon, as you prepare to graduate on Sunday from Walpole High School, Class of 2014, I just wanted to say for all the world to know how proud I am of you and your many accomplishments, and for the fine person you are.

Here's your most recent: At the Division 2 Emass Championships last Sunday,  as one of the Captains of Walpole Track & Field, you scored the only team points with your 5th place finish in javelin. It was also a new PR for you at 158'1", which is #4 all-time in school history.  I know how hard you worked the past two years to reach this goal. To top it off, you will be awarded the James Erker Scholarship Award at graduation for your accomplishments and leadership in track. 

Your hard work in the off-season earned you a chance to excel in football as well. You were the Rebels' Secret Weapon:

From early on, you developed a great group of friends, and we can't wait to see what successes you all will become. It's amazing how you little goofballs:

Photo: Tbt

Did in fact matured a little bit..........

And now you all have grown into such fine young men. Cherish these close friends, because you will never have a group of friends like your High School buddies!

I am also so proud of how kind you are to all of your friends:

Photo: Congratulations to MVP Ryan Cisternelli!! Way to go and so proud of you!!!

I love what a close relationship you have with your sisters:


Christy Howard Rockwood

And of course, here is the person who loves you the most!

Now, you leave the friendly confines of WHS, and you move on to Stonehill and ROTC, your future looks very bright indeed! Again, I could not be more proud of who you have become.

While this post may not have been specifically about Town Meeting, it does show that Walpole is an unbelievable place to raise a family. Kids can accomplish whatever they want here. That is one of the many reasons why I so enjoy being the Moderator - it allows me to play an important role in the government of the town where I was raised, where my wife Christy and I chose to raise our family, and maybe the town where some of our kids will choose to do the same. Town Meeting is one of the many reasons why living in Walpole is to live in the best place in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to Jon Sr. in the election and Jon Jr. at graduation. Go Rebels!